HY Series of Active White Clay Adsorption Decolorant Additive

HY series of activated white clay has strong adsorption capacity, low rate of oil, high activation, easy sedimentationand filtration, low acid branches, low return of acid rate. The products are widely applied to the petroleum chemicalindustry, medicine, grease chemical, animal and vegetable oils purification, and it can effectively remove the pigments inthe edible vegetable oil, kanamycin, and peculiar smell. As a decoloring agent, it is also widely used in soap, plastic, resin, paint, detergent powder, food, brewing and other industrial production. As an adsorbent, it is also widely used in the organic phosphorus, organic sulfur, aflatoxins and other harmful substances removal process. It can make the olefinpolymerization synthesis of high grade lubricating grease, and it also has good function in the aspect of radioactive wastedwater treatment.

Properties and uses

The appearance of the product is white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvent. Because of the effective

absorption room, so its adsorption is very strong and adsorption capacity is very large, non-toxic, good heat stability, fast

filter, and low rate of oil.

When you are using activated white clay quantitatively under stirring directly add into the material, after stirring a

certain period of time, it can achieve the purpose of purification. The activated white clay will play a better performance

after the materials has been heated.

HY-1020 activated clay is mainly suitable for white oil, lubricating oil, vaseline, waste oil regeneration (machine

oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oils), polyether and so on.

HY-1040 activated clay is mainly used for industrial vegetable oil, wax, vaseline and white oiletc..

HY-1060 activated clay is mainly used for refining of edible vegetable oil.

Quality Requirement






Decpopramt Rate

Vegetable Oil







Active Rate (ml/100g)



Free Acid





(pass through 75pm)



Speed of filtration


Bulk Desity


Heavy Metal (for Pb)





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