Product introduction:

HY-50W-2 clay mineral purification, modification and other fine processing, in the water medium has good dispersion, suspension, increase Thick, rheological properties such as clay gel, the product has the following characteristics:

1. Product thixotropic effect: high shear low viscosity, low shear high viscosity, strong thixotropic, can completely replace the traditional cellulose ether thickener. Smooth construction performance was significantly higher than the cellulose ether products.

2. For a wide range of PH (PH6-12), easy to use, add direct dry powder, without activation.

3. Weatherability, anti-corrosion enzyme denaturation excellent. Viscosity stability at different temperatures.

4. Stability: superior biological stability, good thermal stability.

5. And organic polymer thickener, not easy to flocculation and floating color hair.

6. dosage limit is obvious, more than a certain value, a sharp increase in viscosity.

Product property index:

Appearance   white powder
105 ℃ volatile matter,%  ≤12.0
Particle size (over 0.074mm)  ≥95%
3% aqueous colloid viscosity, cps ≥ 4500
PH value (2% aqueous solution) 9 ~ 10.5

The main application of the product:

Various types of latex paint, water-based paint, all kinds of mortar, nano-materials.industrial paint, water-based anti-corrosion paint etc.


When the product is applied with water-based paint, water and emulsion should be added at the beginning of dispersion. Other components should be added to the disperser with priority. High-speed stirring should be carried out under high shear for 10 to 20 minutes to achieve complete dispersion. It can also be made into a 6% pre-gel and then added to the system as a pre-gel. If the pre-gel is made under low shear, it should be allowed to stand for 12 hours to prevent post thickening. Dry mortar can be mixed directly.

Packaging and storage:

Usually three paper plastic valve port packaging, packaging weight is usually 25 ± 0.25kg or according to user requirements, stored under dry conditions, the temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, the quality of valid for 24 months.

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